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One would think that obstruction of justice would mean to provide false or misleading information to law enforcement or to simply physically interfere with those who are investigating. Florida obstruction laws not only include these aspects, but many other situations as well. There are actually 27 current obstruction of justice crimes currently contained in the criminal statutes of the state of Florida.

Criminal obstruction crimes include the following:

  • 843.01 Resisting officer with violence to his or her person.
  • 843.02 Resisting officer without violence to his or her person.
  • 843.021 Unlawful possession of a concealed handcuff key.
  • 843.025 Depriving officer of means of protection or communication.
  • 843.03 Obstruction by disguised person.
  • 843.04 Refusing to assist prison officers in arresting escaped convicts.
  • 843.05 Resisting timber agent.
  • 843.06 Neglect or refusal to aid peace officers.
  • 843.08 Falsely impersonating officer, etc.
  • 843.081 Prohibited use of certain lights; penalty.
  • 843.085 Unlawful use of police badges or other indicia of authority.
  • 843.0855 Criminal actions under color of law or through use of simulated legal process.
  • 843.09 Escape through voluntary action of officer.
  • 843.10 Escape by negligence of officer.
  • 843.11 Conveying tools into jail to aid escape; forcible rescue.
  • 843.12 Aiding escape.
  • 843.13 Aiding escape of juvenile inmates of correctional institutions.
  • 843.14 Compounding felony.
  • 843.15 Failure of defendant on bail to appear.
  • 843.16 Unlawful to install or transport radio equipment using assigned frequency of state or law enforcement officers; definitions; exceptions; penalties.
  • 843.165 Unauthorized transmissions to and interference with governmental and associated radio frequencies prohibited; penalties; exceptions.
  • 843.167 Unlawful use of police communications; enhanced penalties.
  • 843.17 Publishing name and address of law enforcement officer.
  • 843.18 Boats; fleeing or attempting to elude a law enforcement officer.
  • 843.19 Offenses against police dogs, fire dogs, SAR dogs, or police horses.
  • 843.20 Harassment of participant of neighborhood crime watch program prohibited; penalty; definitions.
  • 843.21 Depriving crime victim of medical care.

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